30 December 2016

friday finish III

KF's blue garden
60" * 72"
longarm quilted on hobbs thermore

This one has a mix of lovely flowers, mostly Kaffe Fassett. Using charm packs and jellyrolls to get lots of different prints.

Gifted to a good friend with a lovely little garden.

This year was my 50th birthday, and this quilt was my quilt no 50 to part with, as one way to celebrate this milestone.

Thank you for all the kind and encouraging visits here in 2016. I hope to keep finishing up some quilts in the new year. Wish you all a happy and creative 2017!

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friday finish II

swoon habitat
84" * 84"
longarm quilted on wool batting

This one finished some time ago, but was not so easy to get a good picture of, due to the size of it. The pattern is Swoon by Camille Roskelley and the fabric is the Habitat collection by Jay McCarroll. Almost a copy of a quilt made by Katy Jones, and made with her approval and also help in sourcing the background fabric as I was running low...

Gifted to a dear friend.

friday finish I

fractured field study no 2. 
84" * 84"
longarm quilted on wool batting 

This year is close to an end, and I have a couple of finished quilts to share.

Long time ago, I enjoyed playing volleyball. Who knew that the outdoor volleyball net one day would be the best chance to take picture of my finished quilt....

Also a long time in the making, this is my twist on Kathy Doughty's fractured pattern. Lots of favourite fabrics in this one, starting out with Anna Maria Horner's Field study collection.

21 October 2016

friday finish

Some quilts take a long time to make, others just happens .... my "vertical" finished at 55" * 72", quilted by hand with perle cotton on quilters dream select cotton batting.

The bees are still active in the garden outside, and it seems there's been more sewing activity inside, as well. Planning to use these beautiful october days to take pictures of a few more makes. 

Wish you all a lovely weekend!

; )

12 October 2016

scrap buster medallion

A public photoshoot on a sunny october day by the sea,  airing the newly finished "scrap buster medallion" and taking advantage of having an extra pair of hands / capable photographer helping out. The quilt finishes at 60" by 80", is hand-quilted with perle cotton no 16 on a soft and lovely hobbs cotton batting. 

This one have been 6 years in the making, including a long hibernation waiting for me to find a way to make it a bit wider. The aqua frame was added this spring, using small fussy-cut motives from the african butterfly print by alexander henry I used for the back. 

It feels a bit strange bringing your creation out in the open. It is a good way to display a bigger quilt if you don't have a big garden of your own. I always appreciate the way daylight presents the colours of the quilts. So hopefully this first will not be the last outdoor in public photoshoot adventure for me...

; )

02 October 2016


Vertical basting - basting on the wall. My latest quilt top "vertical", composed of horizontal rows of strings of different widths. Scrappy. Green with accompanying yellow / orange and pink.  

About 60" * 80". Quilters Dream Select cotton batting. Pinning standing up or sitting / standing on a chair... Considering how to quilt it.

Can you believe this is my post number 400! Thank you all for being part of my blogging with kind and lovely comments and questions over the years.  To celebrate I want to share how to do this vertical basting.

A short picture tutorial:
  • the backing up first, curtain clips and painters tape
  • the batting up second, same curtain clips, just smoothed out with the quilting ruler after softening the crinkles with a short spin in the dryer
  • the quilt top up last, sticking to the batting, being smoothed out with the same ruler until satisfying result is achieved
  • pinning as close as prefered

not shown: removing the quilt sandwich from the wall, cutting off excess batting (leaving at least 2" extra batting and 4" extra backing. Folding up the excess backing over the excess batting and thread basting the edge. This prevents loose fibers on your clothing while handling or hand-quilting.

Wish you all a beautiful Sunday!

; )

01 September 2016


Photoshoot on a foggy day with cows for company:

my tagpoppin' quilt finished at 67" * 67". The beautifully and detailed quilting is by Marianne Engeset Nybølet at KarmaQuilts using thin cotton batting.

This quilt has a multilayered story: 
  • fabric is a mix of collected fabric that was gifted to me by a dear and generous friend, LeeAnn; and shirts we both found while tag popping together in Ballard, Seattle. Happy days!
  • layout is inspired by the find of a viking brooche in a little creek bordering the farm were my grandmother grew up
  • the quilting is Mariannes skilful interpretations of my memories ot his special place. 
  • these pictures are taken on this same location, now a family summer house on a small island on the west coast of Norway.

So happy with how this homage to my grandmother turned out. It holds a lot of good memories and connections for me.